The Foxy Garden

The creative drive behind The Foxy Garden is Audrey Newell. Audrey is a landscape designer, mother and artist living in San Francisco. During her first career as a biological model maker, she primarily crafted habitat dioramas for natural history museums worldwide. In 2000 she successfully lead the fabrication of San Francisco's AT&T ballpark's 30’ baseball mitt sculpture.

After a decade in a chemical-protective "spacesuit" she needed fresh air. She now happily creates living habitats for real local inhabitants utilizing the 7 Bay Friendly Principles of landscaping and is a Bay Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional.

Audrey is currently the Nursery Programs Manager for the Bay Friendly Coalition and organizes free nursery talks for home gardeners. Go to register for the next free "Lose Your Lawn" event near you.

  • Advanced Design Certificate from Merritt College Landscape Horticulture Department.

  • San Francisco State BA is in Conceptual Design and Sculpture